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Interested in what I've been reading lately?  You've come to the right place...

Fallen Angels
by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Michael Flynn. In the future, the environmentalist have taken over and shut down technology. Being a technophile is suspicious, and writing science fiction is grounds for arrest. Additionally, it turns out that human-caused global warming was a good thing; without it, the world is sliding into another ice age, and Canada is already covered by glaciers. At the start of the book, two "angels", inhabitants of the space station, are shot down while dipping into the atmosphere to collect nitrogen. They manage a crash landing, and friends on the surface manage to retrieve them before the government can reach them. Now it's up to the country's SF fans to get them back into space before they get caught.

Knights of the Dinner Table - I've been reading the Knights for a while, and my brother gave me Bundle of Trouble #1-3 for Christmas.  (I already had 4, 5, and 9)  The Knights of the Dinner Table comics are about a group of role-players and..well...it's hard to describe.  Check out a sample strip here.