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We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Well, just me, actually. Everyone else is in bed. :-)

All told, it was a great Christmas.  I got up around 7:30, but I couldn't get anyone else up so I had a drink and headed online.  At a quarter to nine, the rest of the family finally got up and we went downstairs to open presents.  Everyone seemed really happy with their gifts; I made some good picks this year.  I ended up with tons of loot myself, including lots of books, some dvds (including the new Rocky and Bullwinkle dvd, which unfortunately has no captioning or subtitles) and an mp3 player. :-)

After we played with our presents for a while, we headed up to the relative's house for Christmas dinner.  It was a small affair this year; I think about 14 people.  I really prefer that to our normal gatherings where we have the whole family together; too crowded and noisy!

Now I've been listening to music and I found my new domain name has gone through, so I decided to hack together a site to put up.  Eventually there will be a lot of cool stuff here for my friends to find out what I'm doing.

My weakness in writing essays in the ending; I'm not good at it.  My essays tend to simply stop.